Storage Lightning

Solid State Disks are revolutionizing the computer industry. It started out as a method to quickly store and retrieve data, but EMC has taken it to the next level with its FAST and FASTCache features.
Several vendors have released PCI cards that are plugged into a server and serve as SSD disks, this disk is then used for super fast drives in databases. EMC announced today that they are entering the arena with a project nicknamed Lighting!
Instead of simply presenting another disk, EMC is positioning the Lightning product as an integration between local disk, SAN disk, and FAST. This means that instead of having to manually identify what data should be local, and what should remain on the SAN, the system will handle the migration automatically.

The specifics are still a little light (its only in testing phase now), but I can see great benefit of this. Not only in high-performance databases, but also in VMware workloads where expensive disk is required to handle the workloads and boot storms can cripple an environment

More detail can be found at the press release:

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