Using NetLab

  1. Browse to 
  2. Log in with your school email address and NetLab password
  3. On the NetLab homepage, click Schedule | Schedule Lab for Myself
  4. On the Select Class page, select the appropriate class
  5. On the Select Content page, select the appropriate lab type
    • NOTE: If there is only 1 lab type available for your class, this page will not be displayed
  6. On the Select Lab page, select the lab you wish to use
  7. On the Pod Scheduler page, select the pod and time to begin the schedule
    • NOTE: The arrow to the right of the pod list will show more available pods
  8. On the Add Reservation page, confirm the lab settings and End Time. Click Submit
  9. Click OK on the confirmation page
  10. On the NetLab home page, your reservation will appear. When your lab is available, click Enter Lab

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